Transparency in the supply, production and distribution chain, allows a company to better collaborate with civil society in identifying, assessing and avoiding actual or potential negative impacts on human rights and the health of the planet, also contributing, to increase consumer awareness that their purchasing power is decisive, real and fundamental in determining the dynamics of business conduct.



Haute couture is, by definition, ethical, sustainable and responsible; it stems from the artistic needs of the designer loosened from the dynamics of the fashion industry; it comes to life from the extraordinary experience and skill of local artisans to whom the fashion house devotes specific attention; it proposes garments of the highest quality, timeless, encouraging, in women, a personal style that is independent of the consumerist fashions of the moment.



Therefore, more than signaling our commitment to social responsibility, our transparency is our thanks to the Italian companies whose excellence, passion and professionalism, make our dreams come true. Grazie!