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@ hot couture Atelier, Lecce  - Rel. August 2019



Art nude luxury erotic haute couture lingerie by Veronica De Luca artlingerist balloon



Balloons are given for special occasion, such as birthdays or holidays, and are often used as party dècor..

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le ballon rouge; picture from the movie by Lamorisse 1956

Le ballon rouge - Albert Lamorisse (1956)

Crystal pearl thong luxury erotic haute couture lingerie VDL inspiration


..and us girls we played with the leftover strips of  their precious fabrics, and our dolls they had fairytale dresses.


And while breathing we learned about needle feed stitching, hand embroidery, in a flow of middle-Eastern geometries, Byzantine arabesques, ancient emblems, acanthus leaves, the native plant which had been used to heal the Tarantula bite, a myth created over than 2000 years ago by this land’s women as a way out for patriarchal rules and social conventions. But we didn't know, and we didn't care; unaware about the treasure we owned, we let it in, following concentration and estrangement rhythm, we wove with the threads our souls expression,  we poured into every notch ourselves and our dreams. We just played.


Drawing balloon modern luxury erotic haute couture lingerie lace design Veronica De Luca



-Questa è una punizione, signori, non una festa

-Bene, questo spiegherebbe l'assenza dei palloncini

(Veronica Mars)




haute couture lingerie lace design studio for a pearl thong red balloon



Quando ero piccola e mi regalavano un palloncino lo lasciavo sempre andare, mi piaceva vedere come saliva in cielo, mi faceva sentire libera

Valerìe Tasso;  Diario


drawing Luxury erotic haute couture artwork by Veronica De Luca artlingerist

Girl with red balloon; Bansky 2002

Girl with balloon - Banksy (2002)