How to Measure Yourself
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At HC, we know every woman is unique. Are you off-range? No problem, get easily satisfied fitting a lingerìe creation tailored just for you.

In order to get an accurate measurement, take a natural and relaxed standing body posture and don't lean out while using the cloth tape measure, you may need another person to assist you for a more accurate result. Also measure yourself on your bare skin, not over clothes. Make sure that when you circle your chest, underchest, waist or hips, the measuring tape is level and neither too tight nor too loose. The figure below depicts the appropriate locations to wrap the tape around for measuring the different areas of your body.

Measurements We Need

We will need specific measurements from you depending on the item you’re ordering:

  • Briefs or panties – belt, hips and inseam measurements
  • Suspender garter belt – belt and hips measurements
  • Bra – chest, underchest and cup size
  • Robe de Chambre (night dress) – all of the above measurements
  • Stockings – shoes size and length from the ankle, in the smallest circumference point, to the crotch

how to measure circumferences




In order to get the inseam measurement, wrap the tape measure between your legs, as shown by the green line in the figure below, taking as level reference the height you want to have your brief belt line.




How to measure your inseam




Stockings length measurement: the green vertical line shows the distance from the uppermost inner part of your thigh to the bottom of your ankle.




how to measure stockings

Have any questions about measuring or sizing? Don’t hesitate to contact us at , we will be delighted to assist you.