Jane | Swarovski crystal ouvert thong

A masterpiece of breathtaking elegance from our limited edition pearl thong, Jane, crafted with impeccable care, is an enbodiment of pure femininity and freedom.

Featuring a romantic embroidered tulle insert enriched with delicate silk chiffon frills, it is adorned with two strands of Swarovski crystal pearls that caress the skin, intertwining enchantingly at the back with a disarmingly powerful sensuality.

Elegant satin ribbons tie into two dainty bows at the hips, completing the look with a touch of grace and sophistication. The white color further accentuates the purity and charm of this unique piece.

Ideal for special occasions or to indulge in everyday luxury, Jane is designed for the unique and unforgettable woman, turning every moment into an indelible emotion.


For the bespoke thong, please enter the measurements, as suggested in the 'size guide' section, in the 'note about this order' field during the purchase process. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to hello@hotcouture.vision for assistance. Loyal customers can also reach out through their dedicated support channel "My HC".

Crystal pearl thong

426,00 €

  • Ships within 5/10 days


Color: white

Embroidered tulle

Silk chiffon

Satin ribbons

Removable Swarovski crystal pearls strands, individually hand-knotted

Removable adjustable elastic hip straps

Raw fabric origin: Italy

Handmade in Italy

Swarovski crystals origin: Austria

Dyeing and finishing from natural sources environmental friendly


Remove pearl strands before washing. Hand wash gently in cold water. Air dry away from direct sunlight. Iron with a warm iron using a cloth over the fabric. Rinse pearls with water and let them dry on a sponge cloth; do not store the strands while still damp.

Store the thong wrapped in its tissue paper.


Right to withdraw within 14 days of receipt of the order. For specific information read our return policy.

Pair Jane with Brooklyn stockings ensemble:


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