Porto Selvaggio - 2018



Italian haute couture beachwear luxury top lingeries hot


Inspired to the enchanting Salento’s coastline, Porto Selvaggio joins the contrasts of the geometry of the wild rocks to the softness of the sea waves in an absolutely innovative beachwear collection. A brave and new line dedicated to a creative woman, in sinch with her own nature and looking for a unique and unreplicable style, in hot couture unmistakable vision.


As a crossover, between under and beachwear, featuring Trick-ini models, destined to mark out the future trend start, Italian tulle elegance is embraced by soft lycra, glossy finished which mirrors the shimmering effect of the sun over the wavy surface of the sea, where east and west kiss, to enhance every shade of tan.


The double layered lycra guarantees an high performant fit and the high teach cut results in the high tech quality guaranteed by HC.

The design, in it’s absolute originality, translates the sartorial experience of HC into the highest level of comfort and wearability.


Exclusively on Darkest Fox NYC


Chic bondage luxury erotic lingerie, Claire artlingerie exclusive on Darkest Fox NYC Design Veronica De Luca, Hot coutured in hot couture atelier Italia

Trick-ini model from Italian haute couture beachwear collection Porto Selvaggio

Design by Veronica De Luca

Coutured in Hot Couture Atelier, Lecce, Italia

Model Naomy Chittani

ph Daniele Met

@ Porto Selvaggio, Lecce, Italy