'House in the wood'


a tale by Latenitebabe

Starring hot couture💋 Claire line

with Greta e Antonio

@ 99 Pines Place, San Cataldo, Lecce  - Rel. Sept 2017



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Come sei bella più bella stasera Mariú
Splende un sorriso di stella negli occhi tuoi blu
Anche se avverso il destino domani sarà
Oggi ti sono vicino, perché sospirar?

Non pensar
Parlami d'amore



“I always looked on lingerie design with the disappointment of those who, while having the choice to walk several paths, are forced to follow the same one over and over…”



Since I was a child I’ve looked on the female body as a work of art, I would look up at my older sisters dressing in the bathroom, at their developing bodies, and I was fascinated by the contrast of shadows from light to dark, by sinuous curves and elegant gestures. I was in awe of the magic and beautiful mystery concealed inside each one of us.


As an adolescent I explored the thousands of ways of moving the hands and experiencing the hypnotizing movement and dance that the body was capable of in any moment, in walking, in a tilt of the face, in drawing, I captured the essence of the great power of feminine sensitivity.


I’ve often thought that the lingerie women wear every day is the daughter of the diktat that has subtly permeated our Western culture, at times distorting the vital, creator and creative, female nature


With no intention of anti-conformism, when I created Hot Couture Atelier, I felt I could express myself freely, celebrating the female body in its entire sensibility and sensuality mysteries, with no fear of being misunderstood, with no care about being judged.


If female independence was acquired by bowing to a model that aimed to negate the complexities of the female nature, the lingerie field, in a certain period, helped to spread this audacious concept by proposing, most of all, eroticism for male use and consumption, a model of transgression that desensitized female psychological sexuality by propagandizing a stereotype of care-free female sexuality.


The sensitive capacity of female body is much more perceptive and reactive than male one, its potential is a mystery, sometimes for us woman too, however, for centuries we have accepted that our magic was used as it suited others, because of what was called modesty (italian: pudore [dal lat. pudor -oris, der. di pudere «feel shame»]) but that was anything other than the sexist threat of public pillory and judgement.


In a time in which a woman no longer has to dress because someone is looking at her, in which we have not to wait for a glance in our direction in order to feel desirable; today woman is alive because she exists, not because she is an accessory to someone else.


I believe that now is the time, after claiming female independence, that we are really ready to be so, to choose our own way to be it and to take responsibility for the outcome. 

While preserving the elegance and classic style that make women the symbol of sublime beauty, we’ve created new designs, structured around the female body’s  ability to feel in terms of a deeper perception, to find enjoyment in the lovely and intangible caress of fabric, around real sensuality, preserved in its own mystery, exhalted in its vitality and creativity.


Thanks to a team made of competent and uniquely talented women, using creative stylistic techniques, we propose original creations, innovative for their use, beautifully crafted from the highest quality Italian fabrics, revolutionary models which freely express our vision of the essence of feminine nature.



 Veronica De Luca Gravili



movie from hot couture erotic haute couture lingerie



Non sono come le altre.. sono peggio delle altre

(C. Darkhoff)




movie from erotic lingerie black & white film
erotic movie lingerie from hot couture house in the wood