Immagine Italia & Co - Overlapped & Tied Patended design -2017







   Sensual and revolutionary are how we could describe the latest creation from Veronica De Luca, the soul of Hot Couture, appearing at Immagine Italia 2017 with the launch of her new Overlapped & Tied design, destined to break with the traditions of lingerie design.

  Two symmetrical strips of the softest fabric overlap and fasten with ribbons tied around the thighs.  Hooks and fasteners give way not only to softness and pleasure, but also simplicity and comfort. These characteristics are typical of the Hot Rose collection reflected in the panty, body and trouser design which distinguishes itself as a cut above the rest.
   But it is in the high-fashion design of the Ludovica jumpsuit, which will be modelled on the catwalk Saturday and Sunday, where the geniality of the Overlapped & Tied idea really comes into play: it’s the first jumpsuit which doesn't need to be lowered. As with all HC creations, the 2017 go beyond convention: perfect for the cultured and ironic woman, who loves to choose her clothes for their fabrics, their refined finishing touches, their comfort and uniqueness. A pleasure to wear simply to please, above all, oneself.




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